Casa Santo Domingo



  • Antigua
  • Bed and Breakfast

This large hotel has successfully integrated modern comforts with one of the most important colonial archaeological monuments of the Americas. No photographer, however, could ever hope to do this hotel justice. This is as much a shrine as a hotel and the culmination of the owners' dream to rescue this Dominican convent and church; jewels of 17th century Guatemalan  architecture.

At night, the hotel, its antique furnishings and walled gardens are lit by hundreds of candles which are made by the candle factory within the
hotel, which is owned by the hotel staff. The hotel has 96 rooms, large pool, 2 tennis courts, Jacuzzi and saunas, excellent restaurant, personal service and, above all, a singular ambience. (NB. There are often large Guatemalan weddings at weekends which tend to be noisy affairs!)