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Campeche Holidays

Campeche holidays

This historic capital city, with its wonderfully-restored colonial buildings, is a fabulous place for wandering around. It was once completely walled to fend off marauding pirate attacks. The two original entrances to the city, plus two forts and some of the original walls, still remain today. Campeche is featured on UNESCO’s World Heritage cities list.

Campeche, Mexico

Holidays In Campeche

The majority of the locals can be found strolling the coastal walkway in the evenings. The main plaza becomes lively at weekends, when the adjacent streets are closed to traffic and an orchestra plays in the central bandstand. It retains a 17th century elegance and there are several interesting museums to explore. Seafood is a speciality here, including octopus and bay shrimp.

One of the most attractive stretches of beach is found around Seybaplaya, a fishing town about 20 miles south of Campeche. The narrow beach heads north to Payucán, where herons, pelicans and sandpipers can be seen. About an hour further south is the pleasant coastal city of Champotón, where the Maya soundly defeated the Spaniards for the first time.

Food and Drink

Along Mexico's Gulf coast there is an amazing variety of seafood dishes, and Campeche is known in particular for the freshness and quality of its dishes. Campeche is also thought to be the home of the famous drink Campechana, which has come to mean cocktail, or mixed drink.

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