Tranquilo Bay Eco Adventure Lodge

Bocas Del Toro


  • Bastimentos Island, Bocas Del Toro
  • 3 - 6 night packages
  • Full Board

This child and family friendly, secluded lodge is set in over 100 verdant acres on the peaceful Bastimentos Island with views overlooking the turquoise waters of the Caribbean. Its central location in the archipélago allows for easy exploration of many of the islands, beaches and reefs which are on offer and to make use of the many excursions from jungle hikes to bird watching and kayaking.

American owned and influenced, the lodge includes six cabanas, four with ocean view and two with jungle view. All spacious cabanas are ensuite and feature either chairs and/or hammocks to relax in. The main lodge is where all meals are served, and features a relaxing bar and library. Please note that there are a number of steps up to the main lodge. This lodge comes highly recommended.