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Isla Boca Brava Island Holidays

Isla Boca Brava Island holidays

This virtually uninhabited island, a 50-minute boat ride from the mainland, lies on the edge of the Chiriquí Archipélago, a marine national park that extends over 14,740 hectares. The archipélago, in the Pacific Ocean, consists of over 100 islands, most of which are forested and home to an abundance of wildlife including monkeys, raccoons and ant-eaters. Turtles, whales and dolphins are amongst marine life found here.

Isla Boca Brava is a small island yet there is something for everybody whether it be simply relaxing on a palm-fringed, deserted beach or participating in an activity such as snorkelling, scuba diving, horse-riding or surfing. Nearby uninhabited islands such as Linarte, Saino and Las Ventanas offer idyllic, clear waters.  Isla Bolaños, 13 kilometers from Boca Brava, is another  lovely, deserted island with two sandy beaches, lots of coconut palms and excellent snorkelling.

Isla Boca Brava Island, Panama

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