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Holidays to Bolivia

Bolivia holidays

Bolivia is a country of great diversity. With the vibrant cultures and stunning scenery of the altiplano, the blinding whiteness of Salar de Uyuni, the lush vegetation of the lowlands and the amazing bio diversity of the Amazon Basin, Bolivia offers a wonderful ‘off the beaten track’ experience for the more adventurous traveller.

As a result of its position amongst the Andes, Bolivia is a country of great diversity. On the western side of the country are the parallel chains of the Andes mountains straddled by a high plateau, the Altiplano. La Paz, at 3,500m, is the highest capital city in the world (after Lhasa in Tibet); Potosi, at 4,000m is one of the world’s highest cities; and Lake Titicaca, at 3,865m is the highest navigable lake in the world.

Bolivia Holidays

Holidays In Bolivia

In contrast much of the rest of Bolivia lies below 500m. While the highlands are often cold and semi arid, the lowland plains of the Amazon Basin are tropical and humid. This geographical and climatic diversity, along with the relative inaccessibility of many parts of the country, has resulted in Bolivia being one of the most bio diverse countries on earth, and a real treat for all those who enjoy nature.

Independent from Spain since 1825, Bolivia is also ethnically diverse. Unlike many of the other South American countries Mestizos (mixed race European & South American Indian) do not dominate the population and along with Spanish, Quechua and Aymara are widely spoken. It is a predominantly Catholic country, although many indigenous beliefs are still held and practised.

Although Bolivia is one of the poorer countries in South America, it is rich in history, culture, amazing scenery, varied wildlife and friendly people.

Bolivia has something to fascinate everyone. A visit to Tiwanaku gives an insight to Bolivia’s proud pre – Inca history. The serene beauty of Lake Titicaca takes you to the heart of indigenous folklore and legend. The vast salt flats at Uyuni are amongst the world’s most stunning natural sites, while Madidi National Park is thought to be the most bio diverse protected area in the world.

The on-going development of various community projects also encourages visitors to experience meaningful interaction with local communities.

Prices start from £3,560 per person for a 10 night itinerary.

There are no direct flights from the UK to Bolivia. Air Europa fly from London Gatwick via Madrid to Santa Cruz. American Airlines fly from London Heathrow via Miami to La Paz and Santa Cruz.  Any flights via the US require an ESTA application. Connecting airports include Sao Paulo, Lima, Santiago or Buenos Aires, but the flight connections are not always that good.

Bolivia has more than enough to hold a visitor’s attention but it also combines well with a visit to Peru and / or Chile.

For further holiday inspiration to Bolivia and the regions within, click here.

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