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Potosi Holidays

Potosi holidays

Potosi, located at 4000m, is a city that inspires mixed emotions. The town is dominated by ‘Cerro Rico’, (Rich Mountain), which has also dominated its history.

The mountain that was said to have provided ‘a bridge of silver’ from Potosi to Spain is still manually mined for minerals and is the mainstay of the local economy. Visitors to the mine are encouraged to take offerings of alcohol, coca leaves and dynamite for the miners. The spirit of the mountain ‘El Tio’ represented in a small shrine, can be seen in one of the caves near the mine entrance.

Potosi has little to show now for its rich heritage and historic importance apart from some grand buildings including Casa Nacional de Moneda (The Mint) where the mined silver was turned into ingots, and many churches.

Potosi, Bolivia

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