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Yungas Holidays

Yungas holidays

The comfortable warm climate of the semi-tropical Yungas is a welcome relief from the often harsh climate of the altiplano. It is a popular weekend and holiday spot for Bolivians especially those from La Paz, attracted by the climate, the stunning scenery and laid back atmosphere.

The journey from La Paz to the popular town of Coroico is dramatic, first crossing Le Cumbre Pass at 4,725m, surrounded by snow-covered peaks, before descending steeply through dense cloud forest to Coroico at 1760m.

The old road, known as ‘the most dangerous road in the world’, winds down along steep precipices, often through cloud. This route is now restricted to local traffic and is rapidly becoming a ‘must do’ bicycle route for adrenaline junkies. The new, wider road however winds its way slowly down through the same stunning scenery and still feels like an adventure.

Yungas, Bolivia

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