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Brasilia Holidays

Brasilia holidays

Located in the centre of Brazil, it is the political heart of the country and is often overlooked by visitors. However, it is the gateway to the interior of Brazil and offers its own unique attractions.

Built in just 3 years in the late 1950’s to replace Rio de Janeiro as the nation’s capital, Brasilia has become famous for its modern architecture and it became the first modern city to be awarded the status of Cultural Heritage of Mankind by UNESCO. The city was designed along the ‘Pilot Plan’ (based on the shape of an airplane). The centre of the city is the main body of the ‘plane’ whilst the residential area runs along the ‘wings’. The architecture of the buildings looks like something out of the space age.

Each area of the city has been assigned a specific function. In the political district you will find the Presidential Palace, Congress and the Supreme Court which are examples of some of the most impressive modern day architecture. There are also a number of art galleries and theatres to visit.

Brasilia, Brazil

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