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Chapada Diamantina Holidays

Chapada Diamantina holidays

Located approximately 300 kilometres northwest of the Bahia state capital (Salvador) is Lençois, the gateway to the Chapada Diamantina National Park known as the Brazilian Grand Canyon. Accommodation is in this small, colonial, mining town on the edge of the park.

Lençois is bisected by a stepped waterfall, making it a unique and beautiful place to stay. It is also an ideal base from where to start daily activities and excursions with a lively centre offering a selection of good, inexpensive restaurants and a welcoming place to return to - paradise after a long hike.

The national park, founded in 1985, is just a small part of the Chapada (highlands) which itself covers an area larger than the Netherlands, an expanse of 38,000 square kilometres stretching as far south as Minas Gerais. It is a diverse park, encompassing swamps, valleys and mountains as well as spectacular waterfalls, rivers and caves.

Chapada Diamantina, Brazil

Holidays In Chapada Diamantina

The area was named after the diamonds which, along with other gemstones, originally drew settlers to the area. Today the emphasis is on the remarkable beauty of the scenery and the feeling of vast open space that makes this a must for walkers and nature lovers alike.

A visit to this part of Brazil revolves around the trails which lead to various ‘attractions’ such as The Smoky Falls (Cachoeira Fumaça) where the wind from an enormous canyon blows Brazil’s 2nd highest waterfall (around 400 metres high) into a cloud of vapour that can be seen for miles.

The landscape offers every level of walker the opportunity to reach a multitude of smaller waterfalls (some of which are ideal for a cooling dip) and it is also an ideal setting for other activities such as horse riding, mountain biking, climbing and abseiling. While most of the walking routes start and finish near Lençois, longer treks can be organised with overnight stays at guesthouses within the park. This gives the opportunity of getting further away from civilisation and experiencing the sheer scale of Brazil’s great outdoors.

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