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The Coffee Axis Region

The Coffee Axis Region holidays

It is a one hour flight from Bogotá to either Manizales, Pereira or Armenia, the three cities which form the axis of one of the most beautiful and fertile regions in Colombia. Here the pre-Colombia culture runs deeper than the Spanish legacy. Such is the importance of this region that it has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This landscape of dark green coffee fields, vast valleys and towering snow capped mountain peaks is where age old haciendas cultivate the famous Arabica coffee beans. Colombia is synonymous with coffee - arguably the best coffee in the world. There are over half a million coffee farmers in Colombia which produces 12% of the world's production. Orchids flourish in the area and hummingbirds abound - a veritable paradise.

The area is classed as a tropical Andean forest and is at a height of between 1,300 and 1,700 metres

The Coffee Axis Region, Colombia

Holidays In The Coffee Axis Region

The three cities are all different. Manizales represents culture with its museums and monuments, Armenia was completely reconstructed after the 1999 earthquake and Pereira known for its nightlife and gastronomy - the 'City Without Doors' as nobody here is treated as an outsider. At least three nights are required in the coffee zone based in either Pereira or Armenia.

As well as guided tours of the cities, there are fascinating tours of coffee haciendas for a full explanation of the growing and processing methods and visits to traditional colonial towns like Filandia and Salento in the Valle Del Cocora, which forms part of the Parque Nacional de Los Nevados. Colombia's national tree, the Quindian wax palm grows here. These palms can reach a height of 60m and are the tallest in the world.

A fascinating, beautiful region and the very heart of the country.

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