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Canaima Lagoon Holidays

Canaima Lagoon holidays

One of the most popular destinations in Venezuela, is Canaima, a beautiful tannin-coloured lagoon with six stunning waterfalls. The river Carrao tumbles dramatically over six waterfalls into the lagoon below. Canaima is the base for visiting the Angel Falls. 

Canaima is a blend of indigenous villages, tourist lodges and small shops selling basic supplies.

The resort mainly serves as a base for the following excursions; boat trips to Angel Falls 1 day (12 hour trip) or 3 day trips, visits to Saltos de Sapo and Sapito (where you can walk behind the waterfalls at certain time of the year) and Kavac Canyon and waterfall.

The Angel Falls

The Angel Falls were named after American bush pilot Jimmy Angel, who was one of the true South American explorers. He first reported their existence in 1935 when he piloted his single-engined Cessna up a narrow canyon.

Canaima Lagoon

Holidays In Canaima Lagoon

Excursions from Canaima lagoon have to be booked locally. Due to the popularity of the area, excursions are expensive (approximately $340 pp) and are subject to minimum numbers and climatic conditions. The boat trips to Angel Falls are in wooden dugouts (with outboard motor and benches).

These are quite an adventure (70 km downriver from Canaima) involving negotiating rapids (you may need to jump out and help push the boat off the rocks!) and mild uphill trekking though forested areas. The three day trip is exactly the same, more relaxing and involves sleeping overnight in hammocks. In the dry season, the level of water can be quite faint - just a thin ribbon of water, fading into mist halfway down its 979 m drop. In the rainy season, the falls are frequently covered by clouds.

These trips may not be suitable for everyone - please speak to a member of our team for first-hand experience.

The boat trips run from May to January, depending on the level of water in the Rio Churun.

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