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Caracas Holidays

Caracas holidays

A vibrant, cultured and cosmopolitan city, Caracas is located in a valley 900m high up in the Avila mountains yet only 30km from Venezuela’s Caribbean coast, resulting in a warm spring climate all year round.

Caracas is a modern city built with oil wealth, so although there are some interesting colonial remains, such as the house where Simón Bolívar was born, the city’s major tourist attractions lie in its outstanding museums, galleries, restaurants, nightclubs and live music venues.

It is also a shopper’s paradise where designer clothes can be bought at a fraction of their European or American prices. Like most big cities, Caracas also has areas where tourists can be at risk so visitors should follow the advice of our local representatives and hotel staff.

The Venezuelan Government runs a number of programmes to improve access to education, healthcare and other social benefits in deprived communities and those who would like to discover more about these programmes can do so via visits arranged with local cooperatives.

Caracas, Venezuela

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