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Gran Sabana Holidays

Gran Sabana holidays

Canaima National Park covers 3,000,000 hectare which is one of the six largest National Parks in the world. The park protects a part of the Guayana region better known as the Gran Sabana and Canaima Lagoon.

Vast, wild and beautiful, the Gran Sabana is one of the country’s most unusual and surreal regions. It is characterized by over 100 large, distinctive table-top mountains (tepuys - a Pemon Indian word for mountain) and countless waterfalls.

The landscape is essentially savannah, with clusters of trees, palms and bromeliads. The region is sparsely populated, comprising mainly of indigenous Pemon people who live in scattered villages and hamlets. The only town in the region is Santa Elena, which is close to the Brazilian border.

Gran Sabana, Venezuela

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