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Los Llanos Holidays

Los Llanos holidays

The vast, low-lying savannah plains of Los Llanos are among Venezuela’s best places to spot wildlife and provide a unique, off-the-beaten-track, safari experience. A visit to Llanos is perfect for anyone interested in seeing animals in their natural habitat.

The hot and atmospheric flat grasslands ensure that the animals are relatively easy to spot and observe. You stand a good chance of seeing capybara, spectacled caiman, monkeys, giant anteaters, armadillo, anaconda, piranhas, ocelot, river dolphins and even the elusive jaguar.

This region is one of the most important bird reserves, with approximately 360 species, accounting for 25% of all the bird species found in Venezuela. Water birds and wading birds dominate and the list includes ibis, herons, cormorants, egrets, jacanas, gallinules and darters.

The climate is extreme in both rainy (winter) and dry (summer) seasons, resulting in either floods or droughts. The rainy season lasts from May to November, with frequent and intense rains. The boat trips are more extensive when most of the land is half-flooded, turning the whole area into a giant inland sea. As a result, animals are spread out so you have to look harder, the humidity is higher and the mosquitoes are more in evidence. In the dry season, most of the animals flock to the scarce watering holes which makes them easier to track.  

Los Llanos, Venezuela

Holidays In Los Llanos

Los Llanos is inhabited by the ‘llaneros’, Venezuelan ‘cowboys’, who are independent, tough and hospitable people and have raised cattle here on horseback for a dozen generations.

Staying on a ‘Hato’
Most of Los Llanos is divided into large cattle ranches know as ‘Hatos’ and many of them are the size of small European countries! A number of them have turned to tourism with organized excursions to show guests the local wildlife. They have taken a serious approach introducing measures to protect wildlife within their ranches and
installing biological research stations. The ranches are rustic with simple furnishings.

We have selected two hatos which we consider to offer the best possible experience. Excursions are included and conducted in open-sided trucks and boats (depending on season). There is one trip in the morning and another in the afternoon. Stays are on a full board basis (everyone eats together including guides). Electricity can sometimes be a problem in the area.

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