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Orinoco Delta Holidays

Orinoco Delta holidays

The Orinoco Delta is one of the largest deltas in the world, covering an area of over 30,000 sq km (roughly the size of the Netherlands). It is located in the north-east of Venezuela - a vast labyrinth of islands, wild forests, mangrove swamps and channels.  The forests include a variety of palms which have provided the staple food for the delta’s inhabitants, the Warao Indians, as well as material for their homes, tools and wine-making. 

The Warao Indians have been preserved as an ethnic group largely due to the difficulties of travelling and living in the delta.  The Warao are skilled craftspeople renowned for their baskets, animal figures and canoes – they live mostly off fishing.  They live in traditional huts called ‘palafitos’ which are open-sided buildings of wood and palm-thatch roofs raised up on stilts on riverbanks.

Please note the lodges in this area are very basic (no hot water) and we recommend a stay of 3 nights.

Orinoco Delta

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