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Holidays to Venezuela

Venezuela holidays

Venezuela is a country of amazing natural beauty, from the snow-capped peaks of the Andes with the highest and longest cable car in the world to a steamy and fascinating Caribbean coastline. From the wildlife-rich savannahs where table-topped mountains called ‘tepuis’ rise vertically from the plains to an abundance of breathtaking waterfalls including the famous Angel Falls which at 979 m, is the world’s highest waterfall.

Simon Bolivar gave Venezuela its independence in 1821 from Spanish rule and subsequently gave his name to the local currency, the international airport, the main square in almost every town and village and a city that stands on the banks of the Orinoco. Oil wealth has bankrolled most of the country’s economic development.

Venezuela is a country of mixed races. About 70% of the population  is a blend of European, Indian and African ancestry.

Venezuelan Andes

Holidays In Venezuela

Everyone in Venezuela seems hell bent on living life to the full - from moving their hips to sexy salsa beats, attending colourful festivals or watching soap operas and their beloved baseball.

Above all, what Venezuelans enjoy doing most is admiring each other. The beauty of Venezuelan women is a source of national pride - over the past two decades the country has produced a large number of Miss World and Miss Universe winners.

It is very important that you also read our honest comprehensive guidelines in order to determine whether Venezuela is the right destination for you. Furthermore, we also recommend that you speak to a member of our team who has actually been there.

Prices from £2,814 per person for a 10 night itinerary.

There are no direct flights from the UK to Venezuela. European airlines flying from London airports to Caracas include Iberia and Air Europa (via Madrid), Air France (via Paris), and TAP Portugal (via Lisbon). Regional departures include Edinburgh, Manchester and Birmingham.

Venezuela boasts a variety of landscapes, wildlife and relaxation options and is therefore ideal for a 15-20 day trip. However, for those looking for an extended itinerary Venezuela can be conveniently combined with Northern Brazil.

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