Hospederia Puente de Alconetar

Garrovillas De Alconetar


  • 4 star hotel, near Caceres
  • City centre hotel
  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Swimming pool
  • Air conditioning
  • Car included, 2 hrs 50 min drive from Seville Airport, 3 hrs 20 min from Lisbon Airport and 3 hrs 15 min from Madrid Airport

Set in the Plaza Mayorde of Garrovillas, this Hospederia is located in the magnificent, former palace of the Countess of Alba Aliste who settled in the town in the 15th century.  Being centrally located, everything is a close at hand.
A true four star hotel, with a very good restaurant and friendly service, the property draws its character from the original palace.  The renovation from palace to hotel has been beautifully executed with great attention to detail.
An ideal base for those who want to be within striking distance (38 km) of Caceres yet relax in a quieter and smaller town with the opportunity for rural walks.