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Corvo Holidays

Corvo holidays

The Black Island - Approaching from the sea (available from Flores during the summer months) or by air, you reach the village of Vila Nova do Corvo, the only settlement on the island and home to 488 people. With lush, fertile fields as its backdrop, this picturesque village is a maze of cobbled streets and traditional stone houses – each pathway depicting the history and development of Corvo and its people.

A vast caldera measuring 3.5km wide and 300m deep dominates the central landscape and from its summit wonderful countryside and ocean views abound.

Corvo, the Azores

Area: 17 sq. km
Length: 6.5 km (4 miles)
Width: 4 km (2.5 miles)
Population: 400 inhabitants
Capital: Vila Nova do Corvo

Corvo is an ideal island to observe birds migrating from Canada and the US to Africa from mid October until the 1st week in November.

Traditional dishes
The local gastronomy reflects the abundance of sea food – tuna, anchovy, turbot, sword fish sea bream, grouper, moray and conger. ‘Tortas de ervas do calhau’ (vegetable pie), ‘couves da barca’, ‘couves fritas’ (fried cabbage) and liver sauce are all local specialties. Try the island cheese served with corn bread which has a unique tasty flavour.

Festival of Sao Joao (last week of June)

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