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Holidays to Jericoacoara

Jericoacoara holidays

Ceara is the northernmost of the North Eastern states. It is a large state with 573 kilometres of coastline, much of it fabulous beaches, sand dunes and multi-coloured cliffs plunging into the sea. Here too, the beach buggy is king as much of the coastline can only be reached using this form of transport.

Jericoacoara known locally as Jeri is 318 kilometres away, a 4 hour drive northwest of Fortaleza. This is a simple, unsophisticated village with a population of 1,500 in the middle of a national park, which because of the alliance between ecologists and fishermen, has succeeded in banning new construction or tourist development.

There are no overhead wires here, electricity has just arrived and the streets are of earth or sand. You stay in ‘Jeri’ for the friendliness, the beach, the sand dunes, the fish and a ‘desert island’ lifestyle. Its protected status has ensured that turtles nesting on the beaches and rare and endangered species are protected in the dunes and lagoons.

Jericoacoara, Brazil


369 kilometres - 5 hours drive northwest of Fortaleza

A very large fishing town of 55,000 Camocin has known better days. It is situated at the mouth of the Coreau River and its economy based on fishing and agriculture. In its heyday it was the centre of a large and well organised fishing industry and boasted a railway station. The seas were over-fished and the large trawlers disappeared leaving a cottage industry of 200 boats and 3,000 active fishermen. There are a couple of restaurants, many shops (not tourist boutiques) and a fascinating market. The town is safe and welcoming and appreciates visitors.

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