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Alerce and Quelat National Parks Holidays

Alerce and Quelat National Parks holidays

Alerce trees are an ancient species which grow at a rate of 1mm per year, those at Alerce National Park are 40-60m in height , one tree the ‘El Tata’ (the grandfather) has an estimated age of over 4000 years old.

The forest has grown over the mountain side and from the mountain lodge (see below) situated approx 800m above sea level, there are great views out to sea, down to the valley and up to the highest peak at 1500m above sea level. Time seems to stand still here as visitors escape to enjoy the nature or the challenge of walking to the peak for a 360 degree view of the Andes.

Alerce and Quelat National Parks, Northern Lake District

Holidays In Alerce and Quelat National Parks

Quelat National Park is an evergreen forest with rocky slopes, steep valleys and impressive snow capped mountains. Never far from the sound of singing birds or waterfalls; rivers, canals, fjords and ice fields also share this beautiful and remote area. Quelat is home to many bird species, though the most famous ‘resident’ is the Hanging Glacier. Located at an elevated position, 1889m above sea level, this is an incredible sight. Take a guided hike through the forest and follow the fast flowing river to view the Hanging Glacier; see large sections of the glacier break free and listen to the thunderous crack of ice as the sections fall away.

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