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Medellin Holidays

Medellin holidays

Medellín is the capital of the Antioquia region and Colombia’s second largest city. It is a dynamic and sophisticated city, with stunning architecture and a wealth of attractions. It is located at 1,495m and wedged in the narrow Aburrá valley surrounded by the high mountain barriers of the Cordillera Central in nearly all directions.

Once synonymous with the notorious drug­trafficker Pablo Escobar who headed the Medellín cartel. Medellín has since shaken off its reputation for drugs and violence and transformed itself into a vibrant city and an industrial giant. It is also known for social politics, art and culture. In the centre, the new business districts have driven out much of the old and few colonial buildings remain. However, its plazas and parks, monuments, avant­garde museums and sculptures make it an interesting city to explore by foot.

It has an efficient and easily navigated metro system which links most major sites of interest. There is also an excellent cable car system the Metrocable which boasts wonderful views and is integrated into the transport system. It was the first cable car in the world designed primarily as a public transport system and it carries more than 300,000 people daily.

There are numerous rotund sculptures adorning several parts of the city created by local­born Fernando Botero. It has succeeded in turning itself into one of the gastronomic centres of Colombia. Many of Medellín’s best restaurants are centred around Parque Lleras in the El Poblado district.

Surrounded by flower farms ­ the flower festival in August is one of the most spectacular parades in Colombia. There is an impressive lights display ‘Las Luces’ in December with oversize ornaments and a carnival like atmosphere on the streets. Medellín is known as the ‘The city of Eternal Spring’ and it has a pleasant, temperate climate although rain can arrive at any time.

Medellín architecture

Holidays In Medellin

East of the city is the network of artificial lakes known as the Embalse del Penol, above which towers an extraordinary granite rock. Hidden in the jungle is the Rio Claro Nature reserve, where a crystalline river with a marble bed has cut a path through an enormous rock, creating a 150m canyon. To the south of the region is the principal coffee-­growing zone called the Coffee Axis.

There are regular flights to Medellín from Bogotá and Cartagena.

Medellín highlights:

  • The wonderful views from the cable car
  • Enjoy the excellent restaurants
  • Fernando Botero’s sculptures
  • The view from atop the granite rock El Penol
  • The Flower festival in August
  • Christmas lights display in December

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