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Loja Province Holidays

Loja Province holidays

Loja is located at 2100m above sea level, it is a traditional colonial city with rich, colonial architecture, narrow streets, tidy parks and 16th Century homes. It is also known for a modern approach to development and environmental care. A pioneering city which also prides itself in having two major universities for a population of just 95,000.

Just 42km from Loja lies Vilcabamba, a quilted patchwork of corn and sugar cane fields, fruit orchards and cattle pastures. Vilcabamba is a beautiful, sub-tropical valley also known as the ‘Valley of Longevity’ due to the long life span enjoyed by the local people who reportedly live to well over 100 years. It is said that the ‘Spring like’ year round climate, pure mountain air and water, natural organic foods and medicinal herbs and peaceful atmosphere attributes to the local people living to a great age.

From Loja or Vilabamaba, a visit to Podocarpus National Park can be arranged; travel up mountains, across rivers to waterfalls and explore this lesser known National Park by hiking, horse riding or mountain biking (tours for all levels of experience are available). The Park boats large expanses of virgin forest and is home to giant 40m Podocarpus trees, countless orchids and particularly rich in over 600 species of bird life.

Loja Province, Ecuador

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