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Nasca Ica and Paracas Holidays

Nasca Ica and Paracas holidays

One of the greatest archaeological enigmas in the world, the Nasca Lines are spectacular drawings etched into the desert, thought to be created by the Paracas and Nasca cultures between 900BC and 600AD.

Many theories exist as to why the Nasca Lines were constructed which contributes to the mystery of visiting this area. The drawings of animals, birds, reptiles, geometric shapes and lines, some up to 200m in length, lie across a 500m2 strip of desert just north of the town of Nasca. It is only possible to see the drawings from the air and trips over the area in small light aircraft can be made from Nasca and Ica. Nasca suffered an earthquake in 1996 requiring the rebuilding of much of the town. In 2007 an area including the towns of Pisco & Ica were similarly hit.

Nasca Ica and Paracas, Peru

Holidays In Nasca Ica and Paracas

The area around the attractive city of Ica, just north of the Nasca Lines is famous for its wineries and the production of pisco, the national drink. Surrounded by desert, Ica is an agricultural oasis irrigated by subterranean aqueducts from an Inca canal. The Ica Museo Regional is devoted to pre- Columbian ceramics and textiles including artefacts from ancient Ica, Nasca and Paracas cultures. To the south west of Ica is the beautiful emerald coloured Huacachina Lagoon.

Slightly further north, the Paracas National Reserve is the only reserve protecting a section of the Peruvian coastline. From this peninsula, there is the opportunity to take a boat trip to the Ballestas Islands via ‘El Candelabro’, (a wonderful sign of the ancient cultures and some say an extension of the Nasca Lines). The islands are home to over 200 species of birds, Humboldt penguins and an enormous sea lion population.

The area around Nasca is a wonderful area to explore and particularly lends itself to those who prefer the freedom to self-drive.

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