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Carefully Crafted Holidays

How to Find Travel Insurance Over 80 Years of Age

If you’re planning to head abroad on holiday, getting the right travel insurance for over 80 year olds is crucial. Without it you may not be covered for medical treatment, loss or theft of your personal belongings or cancellation of your trip.

In terms of both price and the quality of the cover, it’s important you shop around for the best travel insurance for over 80 year olds.

What to look out for when buying holiday insurance over 80
Whilst searching for the best value travel insurance it’s also important not to compromise on the quality of your cover. Saving money on your premium isn’t much use if your policy won’t pay out when you come to make a claim. So, when shopping around for cheap holiday insurance for over 80 year olds, make sure you consider the cover that is provided. Some policies have a maximum age and a maximum length of travel so check that you’re covered on both counts.

It's also common for policies to place restrictions on where in the world you can visit, so again make sure that your destination is covered under the travel insurance for an over 80 policy.

Pre-existing medical conditions
If you are aged over 80 and you do have a pre-existing medical condition then it is also important that you find an insurer who will take this into account when offering cover.

Many insurers will now offer travel insurance over 80 with pre existing medical conditions cover meaning that your medical bills will be paid even if it’s your existing condition that results in treatment whilst you’re overseas.

Others will offer cover but exclude any claims relating to your pre existing condition - this option is likely to be more affordable but obviously leaves you uncovered if you need related treatment abroad.

Buying travel insurance for over 80 year olds
To find the most appropriate and best value cover for your needs, doing an over 80 travel insurance comparison using a website (such as can help you compare both the prices and the quality of cover. Some insurers will also offer a discount if you buy a policy online.

When you buy travel insurance for over 80's, you will find that most policies require a medical screening, usually online or by phone. You should always declare any pre-existing medical conditions relating to yourself as well as any close relative whose illness could impact on your trip and ensure the policy covers all the appropriate risks before you buy.

Some suggested travel insurance providers:

  • Goodtogo – 0844 334 0160 (unlimited)
  • Columbus - 0870 033 9988 (up to age 99)
  • Liverpool Victoria - 0800 066 5302 (unlimited)
  • Explorer – 0800 043 4003 (unlimited)

For travellers of any age but who have pre-existing conditions:

  • All Clear Insurance - 0845 250 5350