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Travel Insurance with Sunvil

It has always been a condition of booking with Sunvil that clients take out travel insurance prior to departure – ideally at the same time as the booking is made to cover for unforeseen cancellation.

We offer comprehensive cover, details of which may be found in our brochures, but are happy for clients to take out cover elsewhere, as long as it is comparable and offers 24 hour emergency medical cover with a repatriation service.

Amazingly, according to statistics recently revealed by the FCO, in 2012 24% of holidaymakers travelled uninsured with 16% of consumers mistakenly believing that travel insurance is unnecessary because the UK Government would pay for medical treatment abroad. They won’t!

Of those who took insurance, only 12% read their insurance documents to find out whether the cover taken was sufficient for their needs. 17% of travellers thought that they did not need insurance because they held an EHIC. An EHIC will cover you for immediate medical care in the EU and EAA but would not cover repatriation to the UK in the event of a medical emergency. Neither will it cover you for lost or stolen belongings.

In the period 2011/2012 a whopping 3,793 British holidaymakers were hospitalised abroad – this equates to ten a day!

According to the FCO, The cost of an average medical claim amounted to £914.00 and this could rise much higher. For example, a fall resulting in a broken hip, treatment in a local hospital and flights home could total as much as £15,000.00.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

For further information on Sunvil travel insurance, please look at the relevant page in our brochures or ask a destination specialist. 


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