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Sunvil Blog & Podcasts

Our podcasts and blogs give some insight into some of our authentic, unspoilt and hand-picked destinations.

Find travel inspiration from Sunvil's destination experts and to post your comments

Sunvil Podcasts

Sunvil Traveller

Stephen Bray

Steve from Sunvil Traveller has worked in the travel industry for over 25 years and although he has visited many longhaul regions of the world, Latin America remains his favourite.

Rosanna Melaragni, Sunvil Discovery

Rosanna Melaragni

Rosanna Melaragni has worked in travel for over 20 years, 19 years at Sunvil. She manages the Discovery department's Italian (Italy, Sicily & the Aeolian Islands) and Portuguese (Portugal, the Azores and Madeira) programmes and knows them intimately. Her favourite destination - the next one.

Angela Feeney, Sunvil Discovery

Angela Feeney

Angela, the newest member of the Discovery Team, has worked in the travel industry for over 14 years and has travelled extensively. Originally from Scotland, she is used to gorgeous scenery, however, nothing could prepare her for the breathtaking, pure beauty of the Azores.

Sunvil Traveller

Lloyd Boutcher

Director of Sunvil Traveller, Lloyd Boutcher discusses the emerging destinations of Venezuela and Ecuador

Greece and Cyprus Team

Greece and Cyprus Team

Greece and Cyprus Team

Mark Willson, Sunvil Holidays

Mark Willson

Mark has been working at Sunvil Holidays for 7 years. During this time he has managed to visit all of Sunvil's resorts. His mother is Maltese and he used to holiday there as a family, every year until he discovered Greece. He goes to Greece every year now! His favourite island is Crete; its big, with a bit of everything and some good driving.

Cyprus, Sunvil Holidays

John Der Parthog

Sunvil's founding partner, John der Parthog talks about the start of Sunvil and how the Cyprus programme has developed

John Der Parthog's Podcasts

Latin America Team

Latin America Team

Latin America Team

Peloponnese, Greece

Dudley Der Parthog

Dudley der Parthog (Director of Sunvil Greece) talks about the Peloponnese area on the Greek Mainland

Dudley Der Parthog's Podcasts

Sunvil Traveller

Will Rist

Will joined the Sunvil Discovery department in May 2008. Then in September 2013 he moved to the Sunvil Traveller department. He has travelled extensively around the world, but has always been fascinated by Latin America and the diversity it has to offer. Read Will's blog about Costa Rica below.

Discovery Team

Discovery Team

Discovery Team

Sunvil Discovery

Rachel Jelley

Rachel has worked in Sunvil Discovery since 2002 and has travelled extensively to their destinations. Passionate about sustainable tourism and exploring, she is happiest discovering new places, meeting new people and being outdoors. Stockholm, the Lofoten and the Azores are personal favourites for their natural beauty and wealth of activities.

Sunvil Discovery Team

Yasmin Zaidi

Yasmin joined the Sunvil Discovery team in 2007 and enjoys the diversity that the department brings, where every day is different. Her passion for travel has taken her abroad to many of the places featured within the Discovery program and having lived briefly in Portugal, considers the country as one of her top 10 European destinations.

Sunvil Discovery

Michelle Vincent

Michelle Vincent joined the Sunvil family in 2010 and is a destinations specialist for the 'Discovery' portfolio. Norway is a firm favourite of hers, and with her Norwegian roots her passion for this Scandinavian country is apparent.

Chairman of Sunvil Group

Noel Josephides

Noel Josephides, Chairman of Sunvil, has run the company for over 40 years. He's expanded it from its original base of holidays to Cyprus into Greece, Italy/Sicily, Portugal/the Azores/Madeira, Scandinavia, Latin America and Africa.