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Wild Encounters in Latin America

Latin Amercia is home to an immense variety of birds, exotic mammals and reptiles, such as caiman, giant anacondas, scarlet ibises, toucans, storks, anteaters, monkeys and capybaras. Comfortable lodges and boats located in national parks and reserves allow you to get to the heart of the action.

Corcovado (Costa Rica)

  • Corcovado has been called ‘the most biologically intense place on earth’ by no less an authority than the National Geographic Society. It includes 13 separate ecosystems, almost 1000 species of trees and nearly 400 species of birds. It has the densest population of tapirs, jaguars, monkeys, bats, toucans and scarlet macaws. Please note Jaguars are a rare sight due to the dense vegetation.
  • Offshore lies Cano island, an ancient Indian burial ground with white sandy beaches and good snorkelling.


Amazon Basin (Ecuador)

  • This beautiful wilderness remains relatively unspoilt populated with indigenous settlements.
  • It is home to over 600 species of birds including toucans and scarlet macaws. Other wildlife includes butterflys, frogs, caiman, bats, monkeys and sloths.
  • A 25 minute flight from Quito brings you to the port town of Coca which is then followed by a canoe ride to your lodge.
  • The climate is hot and humid all year round.


Galápagos (Islands near Ecuador)

  • The Galápagos islands offer a unique environment for an amazing wildlife experience.
  • UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • 19 volcanic Islands, 600 miles from the coast of Ecuador.
  • Giant tortoises, marine iguanas, blue footed boobies, sea-lions and frigate birds.
  • Cruises and hotels.
  • Combine with Ecuador or Peru.


Peninsula Valdes (Argentina)

  • UNESCO World Heritage site. The peninsula is a nature reserve and one of the most significant marine reserves on the planet. Whales, penguins, sea lions, elephant seals and an abundant bird life.

The Pantanal (Brazil)

  • This is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. This wetland region is a hugely diverse habitat. It is possible to see piranha, macaws, anacondas, giant anteaters, monkeys and armadillos plus much more!
  • We feature both the northern and southern Pantanal.

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