Marpessa Hotel

Northern and Central Greece


  • Boutique Hotel - Member historic hotels of Greece (Yades)
  • Airport: 91 km Preveza, 294 km Kalamata, 310 km Athens
  • Bed & Breakfast
  • City centre hotel
  • Air conditioning

The plain of Agrinion is irrigated by the Aheloos river. This little known town, with a population of 106,000 is the largest in the Aetolia-Arcarnania region in the south west of the mainland and is 91 kilometres from Preveza. Ancient, Agrinion (1600-1100 BC) is approximately 3 km northeast of the present city. In medieval times it was also inhabited by Turks.

The golden age of the city came towards the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th when it developed into the centre of the tobacco industry in Greece and associated with famous names like Papastratos, Papapetros and Panagopoulos. It was at this time that the gracious buildings in the centre of the town appeared, which gave Agrinion its architectural, historical and cultural value.

To the east of the town is the very beautiful Trichonida lake, the largest, most picturesque and least known lake in Greece. Several Byzantine monuments and monasteries are in the vicinity as is the archaeological site of Stratos.

The building which is now the Marpessa Hotel was built in the 1920s at the height of the town’s fortunes. It is typical of the houses built by the tobacco magnates combining tobacco storehouses with living space. The building was derelict until purchased by the current owners Marianna and Kostas who transformed it into a unique boutique hotel while preserving its original decorative and architectural attributes.

Located on Papastratos Street, the main street in Agrinion, the hotel is located next to the archaeological museum. The Marpessa is an oasis of sophisticated taste and calm. The ground floor bistro serves appetising, tasty dishes and the rich homemade breakfasts consist of fresh fruit, secret recipes, pies and fresh eggs. The sophisticated spa a complete surprise.

This is an unexpected and excellent base from which to tour this unknown and beautiful region and affords easy access to both the mountainious regioin of Karpenissi and the coast near Nafpaktos.