Stoupa View

Kardamili and Stoupa


  • Self Catering, Stoupa
  • Apartments for 2/4 & 2/6
  • Air Conditioning
  • Free WiFi

This is a last minute addition to our programme and will not be on sale immediately as the renovation and details are still being finalised at the time of printing. However we thought best to flag it up as it is going to be a top property in Stoupa. Once it is on sale details, photos and pricing will be available via our website.

The property is central in the village, directly above the far (southern) end of the main beach opposite the small harbour. We believe it has the best views in Stoupa.

There are two spacious apartments of one or two bedrooms, living room with sofa beds and kitchen, and a shower room. They will be finished to a good modern standard. The piece de resistance is the magnificent large stone terrace to the front (2br) and side (1br) offering panoramic views over Stoupa and the sea.

Please keep an eye on our website - the description on there will override this text.