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An insurance policy can only provide cover in respect of an event/occurrence which is sudden, unforeseen and beyond your reasonable control. Therefore any facts known to you, which could possibly result in you having to make a claim, must be disclosed otherwise you may not be covered. In addition, anyone named an insured under this policy must be able to make the following declaration (The legal guardian must make the declaration for anyone under the age of 18 years old):

  1. I have not received treatment, including regular medication, within the last 12 months for any condition, nor at any time for any heart related or cancerous condition;
  2. I have not been seen by a specialist nor been admitted to a hospital overnight in the last 12 months (other than for regular check ups);
  3. I have not been diagnosed by a registered general practitioner as having a terminal condition;
  4. I am not waiting for, nor have the knowledge of, the need for an operation,hospital consultation norany other treatment (including regular medication) nor investigations including the results of a routine test;
  5. I do not have any other pre-existing and on-going medical condition(s) that could reasonably be anticipated to give rise to a complication needing medical intervention prior to or during a journey (if in doubt check with your general practitioner);
  6. I am not aware of anybody for whom I would be covered for cancellation and curtailment, such as immediate family or travelling companions, suffering from any pre-existing medical condition(s) that may cause me to cancel or cut short my journey;
  7. I do not know of any circumstances that could reasonably be expected to give rise to a claim under this policy. If you cannot make this declaration when you take out the insurance, you must contact Healthcheck on 0845 408 0585.


If you are denied cover due to a pre-existing medical condition try A policy document that fully defines the cover, conditions and exclusions will be sent to you with your booking confirmation. When you receive your policy, please take the time to read it carefully to ensure you understand what is and what is not covered, and that all activities that you may wish to participate in are included. If it does not meet your requirements, please return the policy, proof of premium and any other relevant documents to us within 14 days of receipt and we will refund the premium in full, provided you have not travelled or made a claim. Failure to comply with the terms & conditions of the policy may result in cover being restricted.