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Holidays to Antarctica

Antarctica holidays

Considered by many to be the most beautiful place on the planet, Antarctica is the most remote and fascinating natural reserve in the world, with spectacular beauty, unique wildlife and magnificent sites. Boasting the lowest temperatures on record, this vast continent is covered by a cape of ice, formed by an accumulation of snow over hundreds of thousands of years. Hidden beneath lie mountains and valleys. Witness huge ice masses breaking off, forming icebergs.

The key attraction to Antarctica is the wildlife; penguins, minke whales, seals and the endangered wandering albatross, to name but a few. Rubber zodiacs take visitors ashore, allowing one to wander amidst colonies of unafraid and inquisitive animals and to take fantastic photographs.


Holidays In Antarctica

The Antarctic cruise season operates during the Antarctic summer which runs from November to mid March. November, the beginning of the Antarctic summer, is the time to see penguins courting, seals and sea birds appearing, in addition to magnificent sunrises and sunsets against pristine icebergs.

December and January, the time when temperatures are starting to rise, see a flurry of wildlife activity including the hatching of penguin chicks. February sees an increase in whale sightings whilst the penguin chicks and baby fur seals leave their nests and head out to sea. Please contact our office for further details.

There are no direct flights from the UK to Antarctica. The majority of the Antarctica cruises start in Ushuaia (Argentina). We recommend you start your trip in either Chile or Argentina. Both countries can be easily combined with Antarctica.

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