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Salta and The Northwest Holidays

Salta and The Northwest holidays

This region is ideal for fly-drive holidays, as the area can be explored independently. The route features contrasting scenery from the town of Humahuaca in the north, at nearly 3,000 metres, to Tucuman in the south at around 450 metres above sea level.The road follows through the Humahuaca valley and past the Cerro de Siete Colores, a beautiful hill where seven coloured layers of stone have settled over the centuries.

Salta and The Northwest, Argentina

Holidays In Salta and The Northwest

The picturesque northern village of Purmamarca, with its 200 year old church, is an ideal location from which to explore some of the most attractive landscapes in the northwest.

Heading further south, Cachi, a beautiful town at the foot of the Nevado del Cachi with narrow, cobbled streets, one-storey adobe houses and road signs made from Cactus wood, makes for a convenient stopping point en-route from Salta to the Bodega Colome. Salta, with 800,000 inhabitants, is a busy agricultural city. Vegetation here is very lush and the land used for farming.

Heading south from Cachi, follow the winding road through Seclantas, with its graceful whitewashed church. We suggest you make a small detour to Colte, where you can appreciate the artistry of the women weaving complex designs with llama and sheep wool on hand looms, often near the road or just outside their houses.

The Bodega Colome is a short distance from the elegant, colonial town of Molinos, known for its magnificent church built in 1639. From here, pass through the spectacular Quebrada de la Flechas canyon, a forest of sharp granite spires, onto Cafayate, a very important wine producing area. Head south, past extensive vineyards, to Tafi dei Valle, stopping en-route at Quilmes, a 17th century fortress.

Visit the Menires, 2,000 year old monoliths of unknown origin, then descend to Tucuman, along fertile valleys, lush with tropical vegetation, driving along the windy, narrow roads amidst beautiful scenery bordering the River Sosa.

Cafayate Valley
The gorge of the Conchas River known as the Cafayate Valley, lies between Salta and Cafayate. About 100km south of Salta the scenery dramatically changes from verdant hillsides to barren reddish sandstone. The gorge is particularly famous for its unusual and eerie rock formations all of which are signposted and include The Castles, The Obelisk, The Friar and The Devil’s Throat.

Approximate driving distances

Please note many of the roads are unsealed thus best visited during the dry season (Jun-Nov)

   Km Hrs

Jujuy – Purmamarca

66 2

Purmamarca – Humahuaca

66 2

Jujuy – Humahuaca

128 4

Jujuy – Salta

100 1.5

Salta – Cachi

145 4

Cachi – Colome

64 2

Colome – Salta

209 5

Colome – Cafayate

130 3.5
Cafayate – Tafi dei Valle 125 3

Cafayate – Salta

180 4

Tafi dei Valle – Tucuman Airport

105 2.5

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