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Holidays to Bonito

Bonito holidays

The Bonito area is characterised by the crystal clear spring water which flows in the rivers and is filtered through the limestone rocks from the nearby highlands. Caves and waterfalls make this an exciting place to experience some of Brazil’s most interesting landscapes and ecosystems.

Natural Aquariums of Bonito, Brazil

Holidays In Bonito

Bonito is an ideal choice to combine with the southern area of the Pantanal. Located approximately 3 hours by road from Campo Grande lies the Refugio Ecologico Caiman; approximately 3 hours from there is the Zagaia and to return to Campo Grande from here takes approximately 3 hours.

The town of Bonito itself is a small, charming place with a few small hotels and is the headquarters of Impacto tours who handle the transfers and activities within the area.
Activities include, among others, the absolute ‘must-see’ natural aquariums of Rio Prata and Rio Sucuri where snorkelling in the spring water reveals an underwater world which most visitors to the forest are oblivious to. The huge caves and rock formations are very impressive and a range of picturesque waterfalls are ideal for excursions.

Infrastructure in the area is good and safety levels are exemplary. Adventure sports are very popular here with pot-holing and cave-diving (scuba-diving in vast underground caves) being high on the list.

Walkers and bird watchers will relish the abundance of forested areas which provide the ideal habitat for countless species of birds and other animals.

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