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Recife and Olinda Holidays

Recife and Olinda holidays

The north east has the year round weather and Brazil’s best beaches. It is where the Brazilians from Rio and São Paulo holiday in what they consider to be their cold winter months from May to October (equivalent to a scorching summer for northern Europeans: 22°C to 26°C) and where the food, the music and the culture conjure up a heady and exotic mix.

Recife and Olinda, Brazil

Holidays In Recife and Olinda

In the late 16th and early 17th centuries, Pernambuco was the richest state in Brazil, thanks to sugar cane. The climate is tropical and the 190 km coastline a succession of beaches, for the most part protected from the Atlantic swell by banks of coral reef. You need not venture too deep in the water here in order to feel you are in a tropical aquarium. All that is needed is a mask.

Overlooking the ancient and modern city of Recife is Olinda, an open-air treasure chest of baroque art and architecture declared by UNESCO to be a World Heritage Site. It is a joy to walk through the ancient streets and sit at one of the many cafés. Its population of just over 370,000 swells to two or three times the size at carnival time.

Beaches near Olinda

60 kilometres south of Recife lies Porto de Galinhas, a small resort very reminiscent of the informality of nascent Greek resorts 20 years ago.

Three stupendous beaches, Muro Alto, Porto de Galinhas and Maracaipe (renowned to surfers throughout the world) and a small informal fishing village full of restaurants, cafes and bars create a wonderful, relaxed atmosphere. Most of the roads are still unmade and the local fishermen will take you out on their traditional Jangadas to view the millions of fish on the coral reef that protects the white sand beach of Porto de Galinhas. With good food and fabulous beaches, this is a first-class base for visiting Recife, Olinda and other parts of Pernambuco.


Take a buggy (the local taxi!) along the beaches to Maracaipe to a lagoon where guided Jangadas glide over the surface of the water while searching for the ‘local attraction’, the elusive sea horse – there are view places these can be seen outside an aquarium.

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