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Easter Island Holiday

Easter Island holidays

Easter Island is one of the world’s most remote inhabited islands, located 3,763 km west off the coast of Chile. The huge, enigmatic stone statues have become symbolic of the island. Today, all volcanic activity has ceased and the landscape is a combination of rolling grassy hills, lava flows and extinct craters, the highest being Terevaka, which rises 652 m above sea level.

There are two white sand beaches on the island, Anakena and Ovahe, both of which are on the north shore and are ideal for snorkelling. There are also a number of reasonable diving sites. The majority of the island’s inhabitants live in and around the only town of Hanga Roa, where the hotels and restaurants are located. Scattered around the island are palms, eucalyptus and fruit trees including pineapple, avocado, banana, papaya and guava. Almost the entire perimeter of the island and all the archaeological sites are within the Rapa Nui National Park. There are still over 2000 speakers of Rapanui, the Polynesian language of Easter Island.

The rainy season is March to October when you can expect short torrential downpours.

Easter Island, Chile

Holidays In Easter Island

Travel to and around Easter Island

There are six flights a week from Santiago to Easter Island. There is no public transport on the island so we suggest that you either hire a car or join one of the local escorted group excursions. In order to appreciate the archaeological sites, we recommend that you have a guided tour. Walking, horse-riding or mountain biking will allow you to get off-the-beaten track and explore a number of the archaeological sites on the island. It is necessary to book well in advance, particularly during the peak month of February.

It should be noted that due to Easter Island's remote location accommodation on the Island is generally rustic. In terms of development it is slightly behind mainland Chile and therefore language difficulties can crop up from time to time.

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