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Amazon Basin Holidays

Amazon Basin Ecuador holidays

The Amazon Basin is the largest tract of tropical rainforest on the planet. East of the Andes, the mountains fall away to these tropical lowlands. The Ecuadorian Amazon is a relatively accessible region where conservation and environmental and cultural awareness are well developed.

This beautiful wilderness remains relatively unspoilt, populated with indigenous settlements along the tributaries of the Amazon. These small Quechua communities live in thatched roof houses built on stilts, surrounded by small gardens, some are visible as you navigate the River Napo.

As with most of the western Amazon basin, it has a heavy rainfall coming in from the east and is largely covered with tropical rainforest. The climate is hot and humid all year round. A 25 minute flight from Quito brings you to the river port town of Coca where you are met by a guide and taken across town to the River Napo to a covered, motorised canoe. A boxed lunch will be provided during the journey.

From here, the journey differs depending on the final choice of lodge, although a transfer is more of a tour and a great introduction to the Amazon Basin! 

Amazon Basin, Ecuador
This part of the Ecuadorian Amazon is home to over 600 species of birds including vibrantly colourful parrots, parakeets, toucans and scarlet macaws. Butterflys, insects, frogs, caiman and sloths abound. Mammals of the region include racoons, agoutis, deer, tapirs, ocelots and bats. Species of monkey in the area include the howler, spider, squirrel, white faced capuchin and golden mantle tamarin. Luxuriant lianas, bromeliads and palm trees are all in evidence.
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