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Lake Titicaca Holidays

Lake Titicaca Peru holidays

Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world and part of the border between Peru and Bolivia. Today it is an important trade route for the communities on its shores. 

It is also a refuge for the wildlife of the high Andes, as many species of resident and migratory birds, native species of fish and frogs, and various varieties of water plants are protected in the Titicaca National Reserve. 

There are many interesting islands and places to visit on Lake Titicaca. The island of Taquile is unique for many reasons: its inhabitants speak only Quechua; farmers, fishermen and weavers wear distinct outfits; there are no vehicles, roads, police officers or electricity and there is a solid sense of community. Nearby Amantani Island is famous for basket-weaving.

Lake Titicaca, Peru

Holidays In Lake Titicaca Peru

The Uros Floating Islands are made from totora reeds that grow in abundance in the lake. This way of life has existed for several hundred years and today the inhabitants earn a living from fishing and tourism. For those staying several days in the area we recommend staying on the tranquil Suasi Island or extending their holiday into Bolivia. 

Suasi Island

Suasi is a small, quiet, privately owned island of 106 acres with resident alpaca, llama, guanaco and vicuña, a far cry from the busy town of Puno. 

Getting to the island is an experience in itself and visitors arriving by boat from Puno will cross the lake at one of its widest points where the magnificent scenery is at its best. This transfer includes visits to the Uros Islands and Taquile Island before arriving at Suasi. If arriving by land, the route skirts the lake, offering incredible views along the way.

Crossing to Bolivia

From Puno, you can cross to La Paz in Bolivia and visit Isla del Sol, the most sacred of Inca sites and the mythical home of the great god, Inti. You can stay at the island’s Posada, and visit the Inca altar and fountain, and the monumental stone labyrinth at Challapampa. Do not fail to experience a sunset on Isla del Sol : the spirit of the Incas lives on.

Andean Explorer: Cusco - Puno Train

The train journey between the historical city of Cusco and Puno, located on the shores of Lake Titicaca, is one of the wonderful highlights of visiting Peru. The Orient Express owned steam train travels the ten hour journey, three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Saturday) in both directions.

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