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Carefully Crafted Holidays

Charities supported by Sunvil Traveller

We are very aware of the difficulties and challenges facing the continent. As a company we look to support specific local community, environmental and educational projects.We hope that with our continued support of such projects, tourism will have a positive impact on the destinations we feature. It is our aim to give something back to the countries we operate in and this has only been possible as a result of our clients’ ongoing support for the programme.

Estrela Community Project

Estrela is a British-Brazilian charity based in Salvador. For over 10 years, the charity has worked in partnership with local community initiatives with the aim of benefitting disadvantaged communities, by bringing people together from different cultures and educating them about Brazilian culture. With support from the Travel Foundation, Estrela has developed grass roots community tours that enable tourists to interact and engage with local AfroBrazilian women and youths.

At present there are five community initiatives that tourists can visit and they include; a women’s health and cultural group, a socio-educational initiative with children, a youth citizenship network, a performing arts and training project with young adults with learning difficulties and a youth performing arts group. The tours not only provide a culturally rich experience for travellers, but allow people from the community to broaden their horizons, raise self esteemand generate somemuch needed income for the local community. Please note that we are now offering private guided excursions to the Estrela Community projects as part of our Brazilian program. 50%of the cost of the excursion will go directly to the host community project and the remaining 50%for the operational running costs of Estrela.

Galapagos Conservation Trust

GCT raises awareness of the challenges facing the Galápagos Islands and provides funding to support vital conservation work. The Galápagos Islands were Darwin’s inspiration and the first World Heritage Site, but they have been declared “In Danger” due to:

  • The destructive spread of introduced animals and plants
  • A huge increase in population and unregulated development

Since 1995, GCT has sent more than £1.4million to Galápagos. Here are just some of the projects CGT is currently supporting:

  • The renovation and re-development of the Charles Darwin Visitor and Education Centre in Galápagos
  • Project Floreana - this involves educating the local community and removing all introduced species from Floreana Island, with the aimof restoring the island's ecosystemto it's original state. This project includes saving the critically endangered FloreanaMockingbird, which is at risk of extinction.
  • Monitoring and protection of unique birds such as the Flightless Cormorant and Galápagos Penguin
  • Marine Services - Understanding and protecting sharks in the GalápagosMarine Reserve

A year’s membership of the Galápagos Conservation Trust is included in the cost of all our Galápagos holidays.

Tiskita Foundation

The Aspinall Family have long been a force in environmental education and protection in Costa Rica.

The Tiskita Foundation was created for land/culture conservation and education of those who live in the area. The Foundation has already purchased 125 acres of land for reforestation and assisted in financing the Punta Banco Health Clinic in the village and continues to donate school supplies to the village school. One aspect of their work over the past few years has been the successful administration of a local project aimed at protecting the Olive Ridley turtles.

Sunvil Traveller will contribute $10 per person to the Tiskita foundation, for every client who stays at Tiskita Jungle Lodge.

Casa Alianza Organisation

Casa Alianza provides care, rehabilitation and legal aid services to street children in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. Each year the organisation provides a range of fully integrated specialised services to over 12,000 children in addition to the 3,000 children in full time residential programmes.

Whilst there are a number of organisations that work with street children, Casa Alianza is the leading organisation in Latin America defending and protecting the Human rights of street children, by prosecuting those exploiting them.

For more information on Casa Alianza projects and how you can help please visit Sunvil Traveller donates £1 to Casa Alianza for every person we send to Latin America.

Corcovado Foundation

The aim of the foundation is to support and improve the existing conservation efforts of the Osa peninsula. They accomplish this by employing park rangers to patrol and protect the area, purchasing unprotected land and providing economical options for forest landowners. They also seek to educate local inhabitants about the importance of protecting their natural surroundings.

Sunvil Traveller will contribute $10 per person to the Corcovado foundation, for every client who stays at Corcovado Jungle Lodge.

Casa dos Curumins

Casa dos Curumins is a creche based in Alto Paraiso, which is located in the beautiful National Park of Chapada dos Veadeiros.

The creche looks after 30 young children in need, providing them with freshly cooked healthy meals and day support that encompasses care, education and play.

Through a long term partnership to promote Responsible Tourism in the region, Sunvil Traveller has been helping the Casa dos Curumins since it was established 5 years ago.

Sunvil Traveller contributes £20 to the creche for every traveller we send to this beautiful region.