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Kyperounta Village Holidays

Kyperounta Village holidays

Kyperounta is located in the eastern Troodos mountains below the peaks of Madari and Paputsa.  It is the third highest of the mountain villages at 1,400 metres and is also the largest mountain village with 1,400 inhabitants.  It has, for generations, been one of the most popular of the mountain resorts for Cypriots from Nicosia. The village is 80 km from Paphos Airport and 111 km from Larnaca Airport. The capital Nicosia is just over an hour’s drive (75 km)

Kyperounta, Troodos Mountains, Cyprus

Holidays In Kyperounta Village

Agriculture is the main occupation for the villagers - mainly fruit trees. Apple, pear, apricot, cherry, plum and peach orchards abound.  The village produces one third of the island's production of apples and pears.  Five different varieties of apples are grown and every second week in October the village holds the well known apple festival.  Vines are also cultivated in the area and the Kyperounta winery is well known for its Andeasitis and Petritis labels.

The community also produces ‘Hiromeri’, a very well known cured ham and smoked Pitsilias sausages, both traditional Cypriot favourites and a part of every ‘mezze’ meal.  The village has two tavernas serving Cypriot dishes, a coffee shop which serves snacks, two bars, a bank and mini market.

There are six churches in the village, the earliest, frescoed and timber-roofed dating back to the 16th century.  Two nature trails with panoramic views can be accessed from the village, one being linear of 3.8 km and the second circular of 3 km.

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