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Limenaria and Pefkari Holidays

Limenaria and Pefkari holidays

The south east and south of Thassos is home to some of the island's loveliest beaches. There is a whole string of them, not just in front of the resort areas but tucked away down dirt tracks and hidden behind headlands. Between Aliki in the south east and Limenari in the south west there are at least a dozen excellent sandy beaches, plus many small coves and bays.

Limenaria enjoys a relaxed small town feel, with a good selection of cafes and restaurants lining its attractive seafront and good shops/facilities. At its heart it is a fishing port and has a large attractive harbour to one end. To the other its seafront backs a long sandy beach that continues on well after the last cafe.. A good bus service runs up the west coast to Thassos Town and all points between. There are some stunning beaches close by, such as Tripiti 3 kms to the west, or glorious Metalia just over the headland.

Pefkari, some 2.5 kms to the east (a pleasant 40 minute walk above the sea), is a delightfully low key little spot comprising simply a very good sandy beach backed by some half dozen tavernas and cafes and a mini-market. The lively small resort of Potos is only 800m away over the headland - about a 10 minute walk - so a change of scene is easy. The good thing about Pefkari is that most visitors don't realise it is there and drive straight past, meaning Pefkari escapes the worst of the high season crowds and is always relaxed. Water sports are available.

Pefkari Beach, Thassos

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