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Holidays to Copenhagen

Copenhagen holidays

With a rich, multi-cultural population of 1.1 million, Copenhagen has an international vibe and multiple facets that will appeal to all interests.

At the centre of the city is the district of Indre By (the inner city), bounded by parkland and a myriad of lakes, canals and waterways.

This is the historical heart of Copenhagen jam-packed with medieval buildings, colourful harbours, narrow cobbled streets and royal palaces. Visitor attractions including the royal residence of Amalienborg, the City Hall, Rosenburg Castle and the National Museum can be found here.

Christianshavn, Copenhagen

Holidays In Copenhagen

Across the water from Indre By is the island of Christianshavn, the bohemian quarter. Founded in 1617 as a merchant town and later a fortified settlement, the district is today the self-proclaimed ‘free city, Christiania’ with a population of over 1,000 people. This is one of Copenhagen’s primary tourist attractions with visitors lured to the island by the individually designed, homemade houses, avant-garde community and cafés.

For the outdoor enthusiast, Copenhagen has much to offer. Visitors can cycle along picturesque canals, joining 36% of the population; swim in the harbours or kayak in the sound. Tivoli, the second oldest theme park in the world, in the inner city is an oasis with romantic gardens, visionary architecture and thrilling rides – perfect for all of the family. Throughout the year, Tivoli, the most popular attraction in Scandinavia also has musical and theatre performances, special exhibitions and events.

It is not possible to describe Copenhagen without mentioning Nordic cuisine. From delicious fresh seafood, open sandwiches, ice cream and sweet pastries to the 13 Michelin starred restaurants including Noma - the three times world number one and mould-breaking restaurant – the Danish capital is a gastronomic world-leader. A taste for all senses.

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