Grand Hotel Et Des Palmes



  • Airport: 30km Palermo Airport
  • 4-star luxury hotel, Palermo
  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Complimentary WiFi
  • City centre location
  • Restaurant

This elegant hotel, founded in 1874, had several alterations made in 1907 by one of Italy’s foremost Art Nouveau architects, Enrico Ragusa. The alterations included the transformation of the foyer, now regarded as Europe’s most attractive. Located in the historic city centre, the Grand Hotel has welcomed many famous and powerful political figures and seen several important events in the history of Sicily. The Prime Minister, Francesco Crispi, gave political lectures here in 1881. Richard Wagner finished writing his opera ‘Parsifal’ during his stay at the hotel and the armchair where the great composer sat is still conserved. The hotel also served as the headquarters of the Italian Allied Forces in 1943 and provided the official residence for General Charles Poletti.