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Pylos and Methoni Holidays

Pylos and Methoni holidays

Pylos • Gialova • Methoni

Transfer time 60 minutes

Pylos is an historic and stylish small town at the top of the Messinian peninsular on its western side. It has one of the best natural harbours in Greece – Navarino Bay, site of the famous Turkish defeat in 1827. Some 16 kms to the north is Homeric Nestor’s Palace.

Pylos, 52 km south west of Kalamata airport is an extremely attractive amphitheatrical town of 3,000 people with a long history dating from Neolithic times and an important kingdom in the Greek Mycenaean era. Also known by its Italian name Navarino, the town is the main harbour on the Bay of Navarino. This is a busy town with cafes, tavernas and restaurants galore. The Franks built the first defensive castle and were followed by the Venetians and then ultimately the Ottomans who built the ‘new’ castle and held the town until 1827.

In October 1827, the Turkish/Egyptian fleet of 68 ships including 3 ships of the line was cornered in the bay by 24 British, Russian and French ships including 11 ships of the line under the command of Admiral Sir Edward Codrington. Three quarters of the Turkish/Egyptian fleet were sunk and most of the others were run aground. The defeat was so complete that Turkey was forced to retreat from Greece, the battle being the final step in securing independence for Greece from the Turks and the last significant sea battle using wooden ships.

The town is proud of its history and its part in the war of independence.

Pylos is a good base from which to visit the archaeological sites of The Palace of Nestor and Ancient Messini and also the bird rich wetlands of Gialova.

Pylos cafe

Holidays In Pylos and Methoni

For some fine sandy beaches head to nearby Gialova and beyond – the best is superb Voidokilia, just a 15 minute drive away. For such a small place Gialova has a huge choice of tavernas and a numdber of quite smart cafe/beach bars as well as a mini-market. The whole area is now a nature reserve noted for its bird life and unique species of chameleon. Bicylce hire is a good way to get around as the area is lagerly flat. Pylos is just 6 kms distant.

The neighbouring small town of Methoni at the southwestern tip is dominated by its impressive fortress stretching into the sea. Evidence of past visitors includes the remnants of a Venetian cathedral and a Turkish bath within the castle walls.

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