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Chile Holidays

Chile holidays

In South America’s Pacific coast, ranging from the Atacama desert to the Antarctic, Chile’s coastline is nearly 3000 miles long although rarely wider than 100 miles. The imposing Andes mountains separate Chile from Bolivia and Argentina.

Its coastline stretches for nearly 3,000 miles and at its widest point is rarely over 140 miles - as a result the Chileans describes their country similar to a long string of spaghetti. Chile features an amazing variety of different landscapes; the arid Atacama desert, a Mediterranean-like central valley with vineyards, a mountainous and striking lake district, sandy beaches, Patagonia’s spectacular alpine glaciers and fjords encompassing Chile’s showpiece Torres del Paine National Park and the archaeological treasures of Easter Island.

Chile Holidays

Holidays In Chile

Since the establishment of it's first National Park: Vicente Perez Rosales National Park (Puerto Montt) in the mid- 1920’s, the parks have gradually become a major international attraction - with Torres del Paine, in Patagonia being one of its most famous.

For nearly two decades, Chile was in international exile because of the bloody 1973 coup that took the life of socialist Salvador Allende, the constitutional president, and resulted in his replacement by the military dictator General Augusto Pinochet. His regime represented a remarkable irregularity in the history of Chile, wheremilitary rule has been the exception rather than the rule ever since the country’s independence from Spain in the early 19th century. Since Pinochet’s rejection by Chilean voters in 1988, the country’s profile has improved. It is now one of Latin America’s fastest expanding economies and its political stability ensures that it is also a safe place to explore.

Salmon farming is perhaps the biggest success story of the last decade, and Chile now ranks only second to Norway in the exporting of Salmon. New world Chilean wines have also been making a strong claim for world recognition and have become particularly popular with the British market. Tourism generates approximately US$900 million per year, or 4% of GDP.

Chile also offers a level of efficiency in service that many will find unusual in Latin America! The country’s 95% literacy rate is one of Latin America’s highest - from the age of five to twelve, education is free and compulsory. Traditionally, about 90% of Chileans are Roman Catholic.

British Airways operates direct non-stop flights to Santiago from London Heathrow. LATAM Airlines operate daily via either Madrid, or Sao Paulo. European airlines flying to Santiago include Iberia (via Madrid), Air France (via Paris) or KLM (via Amsterdam although currently this service touches down en route at Buenos Aires).  Regional departures include Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Leeds Bradford and Newcastle.

Chile is traditionally combined with Argentina where there are numerous land, sea or lake crossings. Equally, it can be combined with its other neighbours, Peru and Bolivia. Additionally Chile can also be combined with Brazil, or with Antarctica.

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