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Svalbard Holidays

Svalbard holidays

There are a few places on earth that even the most seasoned of travellers will have felt privileged to visit, and one of these destinations is the high Arctic archipelago of Svalbard. A joy to explore with a unique pulse and a magnetic pull.

Surrounded by the North Atlantic Ocean, just 1000km south of the North Pole, Svalbard covers an area of 62,000sq km and incorporates the islands of Spitsbergen, Bear Island, Kvitoya and Kong Karl's Island to name a few.

Seal, Svalbard

Holidays In Svalbard

Despite its size the majority of the landscape is uninhibited with Longyearbyen - the capital, Barentsburg - a Russian community, Ny-Alesund - a scientific research centre, and Hornsund the only settlements. The result is a beautiful, glaciated and unspoiled environment which is unrivalled anywhere else on earth.

Svalbard appeals to adventurous travellers who wish to experience and admire this pristine Arctic landscape and to observe the mammals which call the archipelago their home. This is arguably the best place in the world to see polar bears.

The focus point for visitors is Longyearbyen, a  community of 2000 inhabitants situated on the shores of the Isfjord. It is the northernmost year-round settlement in the world and those who live in town are from drawn to the Arctic from far and wide - Norway, Australia, Argentina, Thailand, Portugal and Switzerland -  each answering their own ‘polar’ call.

The untamed wild is all around Longyearbyen and the magnificence and scale of the scene is guaranteed to capture the heart of all explorers.

For many, the highlight of any summer vacation to Svalbard is a longer cruise around the archipelago. With seven national parks, six nature reserves, 15 bird sanctuaries, one geotopic protected area and only 46km of road, these expeditions permit visitors to observe ice-capped and coastal regions only inhabited by wildlife - polar bears, walruses, seals, whales (beluga, minke, orca), Svalbard reindeer, Arctic foxes and a wealth of migratory bird species - northern fulmar, puffins, kiliwakes and Arctic skua.

Whether visiting for a short-break or combining Longyearbyen with a longer Arctic exploration, this is a destination which will capture imaginations and hearts. We feel truly blessed to have visited Svalbard and we cannot wait to share our passion and knowledge with future guests.

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