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The Fjords Holidays

The Fjords and Trondelag holidays

Think of Norway and images of blue waterways, snow capped mountains and a lush green landscape come to mind. These images are the reality in the Fjord region of Norway.

The Fjords: Sandwiched between Bergen and Trondheim is some of the most dramatic scenery in the world. Sculpted by nature this spectacular landscape of carpeted green mountains, blue waters, thundering waterfalls and high plateaus cannot fail to impress.

In 2005, the Geirangerfjord and the Nærøyfjord were inscribed on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List and are rated by National Geographic as the best administered World Heritage Sites in the world. Whether an artist, keen walker or just someone that enjoys unspoiled landscapes and peace and tranquillity, this is the location for you.

Winding mountain roads afford breathtaking views - you can never travel far before having to stop for a photograph.

To the south of Bergen the awe-inspiring Hardangerfjord is waiting to be explored. Familiarly known as the ‘Queen of the Fjords’ this 179km waterway affords spellbinding natural landscapes and cultural gems.Find out more about Hardangerfjord in a nutshell tour.

A varied and fascinating region.

Ă…lesund, the Fjords, Norway

Holidays In The Fjords and Trondelag

Surrounding Ålesund, along the Sunnmøre coast, are the islands of Giske, Godøy, Valderøy and Runde - home to one of the largest bird sanctuaries in Northern Europe with over 230 species. Brimming with quaint fishing villages untouched by time, this is a wonderful area for relaxed exploration.

Further north is Trondheim, the first capital of Norway and the final resting place of St. Olav in the Middle Ages. The culmination of this illustrious heritage is in a fascinating city where age-old cultural traditions and architecture stand side by side with youthful exuberance. Surrounding Trondheim is the picturesque Trondheimfjord and an ever-changing landscape of the Trondelag region – waterside villages; mountains; fields and meadows – ideal for nature lovers.

The town of Røros is one of Europe’s best-preserved wooden towns and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Surrounded by an unspoiled landscape this is a destination for culture lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Whatever your interests, we feel that you cannot fail but to be mesmerized by the atmosphere and character of the town and its inhabitants.

The Towns:
Stavanger is situated on a peninsula to the south of Norway, surrounded by a jagged coastline of sandy beaches and fishing villages and, inland, some of the most remarkable fjord scenery in Norway. Historical and cultural attractions combine with breathtaking landscapes in Norway’s fourth largest town.

Bergen, Norway’s second largest city and the gateway to the Fjords, is a wonderful city and a must for any visitor to the region. With seven magnificent mountains and the beautiful fjords as a backdrop, this historic town has many attractions - the most famous of which are the traditional wooden buildings of the Hanseatic Wharf, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The town of Ålesund is the jewel of the region and renowned for its Art Nouveau architecture. This charming town, beautifully situated on several islands, was rebuilt in 1904 after a catastrophic fire destroyed the original settlement. Today, each building has a unique design and is adorned with spires, turrets and colourful ornaments. A gentle stroll through the town reveals a lively atmospheric town of distinctive character.

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