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Graciosa Holidays

Graciosa holidays

The White Island - With an area of 61 sq. km, Graciosa lies 20 minutes by air northwest of Terceira. It is the second smallest island in the archipelago, only 12.5km long and 7km wide and has a gentle, low-lying landscape that is relatively untouched by time.

The 39km coastline of Graciosa offers a sand beach at Praia and natural rock pools at Carapacho, as well as many picturesque bays and offshore islets that provide a sanctuary for an abundance of sea birds, including the grebe and red-billed tern.

Graciosa, the Azores

Holidays In Graciosa

On the north east coast is Santa Cruz, the capital of Graciosa; an attractive town with many 18th and 19th century manor houses and a cobbled central square. From the Monte de Nossa Senhora da Ajuda an excellent view of the town and the vineyards which cover the north of the island can be observed.

Another fine view - of the central islands of Faial, Pico, Sao Jorge and Terceira – can be enjoyed from Pico on a clear day. Classified as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO this peak is the highest on the island measuring 398m.

A must for any visitor to Graciosa is an exploration of the Furna do Enxofre, an impressive lava cave which stretches 194m in length and 40m in height. Accessed by a narrow funnel and 184 steps, this volcanic phenomenon is part of a much larger caldeira whose fertile lands can be explored by a 9km circular trail.

For those wishing to unwind and step back in time, look no further. Graciosa is an island where tranquility reigns and where age-old traditions remain.      

Area: 61 sq. km
Length: 12.5 km (8 miles)
Width: 7 (4 miles)
Population: 4,800 inhabitants
Capital: Santa Cruz

Furna do Enxofre
The best time to visit this volcanic phenomenon is between 11am and 2pm when sunlight penetrates the narrow funnel by which the cave is entered.

Ilheu da Baleia
This dramic rocky outcrop, located near Santa Cruz, is shaped like a whale hence the name islet of whales.

Graciosa produces its own wine, cheese and traditional cakes – the ‘Queijadas da Graciosa’ are a sweet, treacle-like pastry made in Praia. Fresh fish and shellfish are also available in abundance.

  • Espírito Santo (7 weeks after Easter)

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