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Sao Miguel Holidays

Sao Miguel holidays

The Green Island - Sao Miguel, located on the eastern side of the archipelago, is by far the largest of the nine islands. It is made up of six volcanic complexes and municipalities.

To the west, Ponta Delgada, the main town and port has preserved its historical beauty. It is a delight to explore the narrow cobbled streets bordered by very well preserved period houses.Ponta Delgada is the hub for all public transportation and tours, and as such is an ideal base from which to explore the island whilst having all local amenities in reach. 

Within this municipality of Ponta Delgada are the Sete Cidades, an extinct volcano crater of 40 sq. km, within which are two magnificent lakes, one deep blue colour and the other emerald green. The best view over the lakes can be enjoyed from Vista do Rei. For the more active, a 13km walk, desending from the top of the crater to the village of Sete Cidades, offers wonderful panoramas of the lakes, countryside and ocean.

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Cooking Cozido, Furnas, Sao Miguel

Holidays In Sao Miguel

To the north lies the agricultural town of Ribeira Grande, surrounded by fertile lands yielding crops which include potatoes, tobacco, sugar beet, passion fruit and tea (one of the few places in Europe where it is grown). The black shingle beach of Ribeira Grande is a haven for surfers and has Blue Flag status. Here, too, is the dramatic lake of fire “Lagoa do Fogo” and delightful beaches nestling under high cliffs.

The north-east coast is a relatively undiscovered region with spectacular high cliffs plunging from high, flower covered plateaux, fields and wooded mountains into the sea. This is the home of the rare Azorean Bullfinch (Priolo) and the highest peak on the island, Pico do Vara.

The municipality of Povoacao is in the south-east. Here are the most beautiful gardens in the Azores. The spa town of Furnas, one of the largest thermal water sources in the world, with its beautiful azalea bordered lake, is home to a 30 acre botanical garden of great international importance. Everywhere, from April to early summer, hedgerows of azaleas and hydrangeas abound.

To the south, the municipalities of Vila Franca do Campo (the town was the island’s first capital) and Lagoa are mountainous and agricultural farming areas with black cliffs disappearing into the ocean. Here pineapples, bananas, oranges and vines are cultivated. Off the coast of Vila Franca is the Ilheu da Vila, a nature reserve and a popular spot for swimming (Blue Flag status).

Area: 747 sq. km
Length: 65 km (41 miles)
Width: 15 km (10 miles)
Population: 132,000 inhabitants
Capital: Ponta Delgada

Blue Flag beaches and natural swimming pools
12 beaches and marinas on Sao Miguel have achieved Blue Flag status.

Cozido a Caldeiras
It is a tradition, still observed by the locals, to slowly cook food by underground vapours at the Furnas hotsprings. The meal, consisting of a variety of meats and vegetables, is served daily at the Hotel Terra Nostra Garden – pre-booking recommended.

Visit the pineapple plantation in Fajã de Baixo and taste the delicious pineapple liquer and boiled sweets. Or, simply order fresh pineapple for dessert – highly recommended!

Termas da Ferraria, Rua Ilha Sabrina (Ginetes)
Located on the southwest coast of São Miguel, the Termas da Ferraria Spa was opened in August 2010. Choose from a Vichy shower, a variety of treatments or use of the thermal Spa, Jacuzzi, thermal swimming pool, sauna and Turkish bath. Reservations can be made locally either direct with the Spa or through our local agent.

  • Carnival (Ponta Delgada) 12 February
  • Festa Sr dos Enfermos (the streets of Furnas are covered with azaleas for the procession) – April
  • Festa Sr Santo Cristo dos Milagres (Ponta Delgada) – 02-09 May
  • Festas de Sao Joao da Vila (Vila Franca do Campo) – 24 June
  • Cavalhadas de Sao Pedro (Ribeira Grande) – 29 June
  • Espirito Santo – 7 weeks after Easter

Note: Dates subject to change

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