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Sao Miguel Holidays

Milking a cow

Take a scenic ride (by minibus) through Ginetes to the viewpoint of Escalvado, from where there is a splendid panorama over the western coast and the parish of Mosteiros. Take a nice walk to 'Fonte do Sapateiro' (1km - easy walk).

Mountain bike tour

Enjoy a mountain bike ride followed by a selection of afternoon activities and excursions including rock climbing, a relaxing thermal bath at Ferraria or a visit to the Botanical Gardens at Furnas.

The Azores Bullfinch

This tour will appeal to beginners and long-time bird enthusiasts alike. Escorted by an ornithologist, you will observe birds and learn about their behaviour and diet all within a magnificent landscape. Spot chaffinches, blackbirds, blackcaps, grey wagtails, shearwaters and canaries along the route.

Furnas Lake, Sao Miguel, The Azores

This is the ideal activity for adults or families who would like to explore the stunning scenery from the beautiful lakes on a self-guided canoe tour. Why not combine this with a bike tour or a visit to the Botanical Garden.

Sao Miguel, The Azores

Canyoning is an exciting combination of walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, abseiling and swimming in some of the most spectacular scenery of cliffs on the island of São Miguel. It has become a very popular extreme sport with fans all over the world and provides a unique experience in the middle of nature and at the same time moments of pure adrenaline.

Diving in the Azores

Enjoy an unforgettable adventure filled with caves, volcanic drop-offs, underwater arches and an abundance of both Atlantic and Tropical fish life – parrot fish, groupers, sting and eagle rays, moray and conger eels, barracudas, amberjacks, turtles and dolphins. A fully equipped PADI dive centre is based in Ponta Delgada.

Terra Nostra Botanical Garden

Guided Tour of Furnas (Monday - Full day) including: Lagoa - Caloura viewpoint - Vila Franca - Furnas - Santa Iria viewpoint

Lago Santiago, Sao Miguel

Experience the fabulous Geological History Tour of São Miguel, expertly escorted by an enthusiastic English speaking geologist. A unique insight into these stunning green islands which will give you a new and clear perspective of just how these diverse landscapes were formed. See, touch and learn the secrets of this volcanic archipelago in a fun and entertaining day trip around the island.

Play golf in the Azores

Tee-off on one of two golf courses on São Miguel: Furnas, 4km from the Hotel Terra Nostra Garden, Furnas Lake Apartments and Quinta da Mó; or Batalha, a 20-minute drive (12km) from Ponta Delgada.

Nordeste View

Island Tours - Sunvil is able to pre-book the following guided minibus tours on São Miguel

Sao Miguel

The islands of the Azores, with their mild climate (day time temperature ranging from 14-22 degrees), are the most wonderful islands for walking. So why not join a guided walk for the day.

Jeep safari

Enjoy an unforgettable drive along the islands’ best trails. Driving through trees and pastures often overlooking the Atlantic ocean you will discover places and landscapes of rare beauty not often encountered by the average tourist. During the trip there will be several stops with time to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Hot springs in Furnas

Sao Miguel, the largest of the nine Azorean islands, is only 65km long and 14km wide. With a picture book landscape interspersed by historical towns and small villages, it is ideal for a touring holiday.


The islands of the Azores, with their mild climate (day time temperature ranging from 14-22 degrees), are the most wonderful islands for walking.

Dolphin, the Azores

Swim with dolphins in the blue Atlantic waters around Sao Miguel Island. The four species of dolphin that are regularly sighted here are Common, Bottlenose, Risso and Atlantic Spotted.

Dolphins, the Azores

A mere glimpse of a dorsal fin can have you beaming for hours. So why not hop on a Zodiac in search of cetacean activity – 24 of the planet’s 80 species of whales and dolphins have been sighted off the coast of the Azores.

Island tour

Sunvil is able to pre-book the following private taxi tours on Sao Miguel. Tours can also be tailor-made to suit the individual requirements of our clients, please telephone us for a quotation.

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