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Thessaloniki Holidays

Thessaloniki holidays

We'd highly recommend a few nights in Thessaloniki at the beginning or end of your holiday to Halkidiki, which is very easy for us to arrange.

In many ways Thessaloniki feels like a big, modern, waterfront city, the second largest in Greece and with a far more cosmopolitan vibe than Athens. There are major shopping streets, lively laneways, a university with 150,000 students and a vast selection of restaurants and cafes. It is also a city with a turbulent past, a profound history of intertwined cultures, and a lasting legacy from its place at the very crossroads between East and West.

Excelsior Hotel, Thessaloniki

Holidays In Thessaloniki

Founded in 315 B.C. Thessaloniki was named after a half-sister of Alexander the Great. Since then, the city has been dominated by whichever empire was in power, from Byzantium to Ottoman. You can explore several Paleochristian sites, the remains of a Roman market and theatre, Byzantine city walls and an 8th century copy of the Agia Sophia in Constantinople, the emblematic White Tower, and crowded alleyways and hamams (bath houses).

This mix of cultures comes alive in regards to food. Thessaloniki is renowned as the gourmet capital of Greece, with a cuisine that fuses Mediterranean, Balkan and Turkish sensibilities.

Thessaloniki is a city made for walking. Take an evening stroll (volta) along the waterfront, perhaps ending up in the narrow alleys of old Ladadika, home to a buzzing nightlife of authentic street restaurants and bars; visit one of the city’s thirty (30!) museums; take the bus to the Ano Poli (Old City) and from the very top look down upon the bustling city and glimpse, in the distance, across the sea, Mount Olympus itself.

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